How To Buy these handmade, customized soaps, bath bombs, and more:

  1. Email me at CiggySoaps@gmail.com, or message me on facebook.
  2. Choose the soap shapes, bath salts, bath bombs, etc that you want to buy. Comb through the blog posts on this site and photos on my instagram page to choose, and let me know how many  of each you want.
  3. If you want some that are already made, just contact me to find out if they are in stock. If you want one made just for you, let me know the type of soap base you want, color, and fragrance (& read more about these on the ingredients page):
    1. Types of Soap
      • Glycerin Soap: clear, moisturizing, light and versatile. Can be made any color and fragrance!
      • Shea Butter (vegan) Soap: white & creamy, so turns any color into a lighter version of itself, like a pastel. 2018-02-22 22.18.18-1
      • Shea Butter (vegan) & Oatmeal Soap: white with tan speckles, rich and creamy, extra moisturizing, great for skin, but still bubbly. Makes colors lighter versions of themselves and the oatmeal leaves little freckles on the soap.IMG_20180326_161854_910
    2. Fragrances
      • Essential oils: rose, lavender, peppermint, blood orange, eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary, or “energize” (sweet orange + ginger)
      • Fragrance oils: jasmine, lilac, vanilla berry, vanilla sugar, coffee, chocolate, green apple, “breathe” (eucalyptus + mint), “refresh” (basil, sage and mint), or rain cybilia (smells like a fresh Spring day right after showers).
    3. Colors
      • Matte red, yellow, orange, blue, green, teal, purple, pink, black, or white
      • Shimmery mica in white pearl, gold, silver, and every color of the rainbow (the shimmery aspect is nice in glycerin soaps, but very mild or even not noticeable when mixed with shea butter)
      • Plus or minus biodegradable glitter (rainbowy silver sparkle or gold) for the clear soaps
    4. Wrapping
      • pretty boxes, natural baskets, wrapping paper, organza bags, customized embossed stamps and cards with calligraphy, curled ribbons, cellophane bags, and more! Additional fees may apply for baskets, bags and fancier stuff.IMG_20180402_220600_343
  4. Payment
    • Once we agree on the price total, you can paypal me directly to CiggySoaps@gmail.com, send me the money by Venmo (to motek42 AT GMAIL dot com), pay me in person, or use the buttons below to pay me (but please ONLY click on them once we have agreed on everything). Thank you!


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