Swirl Soaps & Holidays

New soaps with Magen David (Jewish Star) cut outs or Embeds. White parts contain shea butter for extra moisturizing. PSX_20180316_192751


Easter themed erasers (bunnies, carrots, Easter eggs, chicks) and other small, fun erasers now available in small hand soaps that are perfect for hiding in easter eggs, or putting in your Easter basket. Other fun mini eraser options: planets, monsters, shooting star, kitty face. Not for under age 3 (because it’s a choking hazard). Hand size $4, regular size $5.


Swirl, cut-out, and embedded soaps can now be made in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Large bars: heart, airplane, train, tea kettle, apple, dove, large cat, large dog, Magen David/ 6 pointed star, or maple leaf. Embedded shape options: pearls, hearts, stars, leaves, flowers, circles, squares, spheres, and more.


And the rose essential oil makes them smell so good! $6-$8 each (by size/detail). There are 3 separate handmade soap layers here, so it takes me a long time to make these.

E-mail me at motek42@hotmail.com or message me on facebook to order in time for the holidays.

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