Ducky, Flower, Heart, & Toy Soaps

Flower shaped soaps $6


Heart soaps $6



  • Regular leaves shown at the edges, about 2oz each, $2 for 1 or $5 for 3 soaps.
  • Tiny leaves shown in the center are $2 for 4 of them.
  • These make great guest soaps, party favors, and accents


Rubber ducky soaps $7

  • Topped with a mini rubber duck for hands to hold on to, and you can keep playing with this in the bath when you finish using the bar of soap!
  • Variety of colors available, but I favor blue and white swirls
  • Can be made to order with a heart, round, or oval base in any color/scent

Surprise Soaps $5

  • oval soap with a cute animal eraser inside and a glitter background
  • a great prize for kids who finish a bar of soap (and that takes a while, so it really encourages them to wash!)
  • for ages 3 years and above

Soap bars $4 – $7 per bar, depending on which ones are available

  • various layers and designs available
  • customizable layers, scents, colors, and flowers/toys/shapes inside when you order a whole loaf (42 ounces of soap, or approximately 10 bars)
  • check the most recent blog posts & instagram for which bars are available

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