Photos, Succulents and other Great Gifts

Custom Images


The magic of science has brought us special paper that can print your photograph, picture, design, or message, to personalize any soap! These do involve a 2 step curing process, and the clear soap layer on top of the picture can not be scented (but the layer behind the photo can be). The pictures look great in the soap, then dissolve with water if the soap is used and you eventually get to that layer. Due to the double curing process, these soaps take at least 1 week to make.

Succulent Soaps

These adorable soaps have around 5 shimmery green succulents on top of a brown shimmery round soap. Each succulent is hand made separately, then pieced together with the main soap. 3 currently available in a refreshing Rain Cybilia scent, will take at least 3 days to make them for custom orders.

Teacher Gifts

These cards with lip balm can be bought with or without the sparkly apple soaps, in various designs. They can also be adjusted to make messages for moms, dads, or whomever you want to say, “You’re the Balm!” to, along with a beeswax lip balm. 2 apple tote bags are also available.

Massage Soaps

Regular soaps in any color and fragrance, with massage bumps, for soothing muscles in the shower.


Rocket Soap On A Rope

These soap on a rope rockets are great to hang in the shower. Hand braided rope, sparkly colors, and berry vanilla or chocolate scent.

rocketsoaprope (2).jpg

Large Crystal Soaps

New crystal shapes, made entirely of glycerin soap, but look like real natural crystals! A bit bigger than a regular bar of soap (4.5in x 2.2in x 1.75in), 5.5 ounces.

Can be special made in many colors, but currently ready as amethyst.


There are also amethyst crystal soaps available in large gems (new design below), smaller gems, and spheres.

PSX_20180513_221546The same bright gem colors can also be applied to all of the regular soap shapes.


Automobile/ Car Soaps


Large (4-6 oz by weight, 5+ oz by volume) car soaps are now available! Clear soap for the windshields, and a variety of shimmering colors for the bodies make these cars look pretty real. Super fun for kids.

Oatmeal Shea Car Soaps
Creamy colored oatmeal shea soap for the body, clear glycerin for the windshields (tinted slightly here with the blood orange oil for a wonderful smell)

Just $6-7 each for these large, hand made soaps. (Truck or Car $6, Jeep $7).

Ducky, Flower, Heart, & Toy Soaps

Flower shaped soaps $6


Heart soaps $6



  • Regular leaves shown at the edges, about 2oz each, $2 for 1 or $5 for 3 soaps.
  • Tiny leaves shown in the center are $2 for 4 of them.
  • These make great guest soaps, party favors, and accents


Rubber ducky soaps $7

  • Topped with a mini rubber duck for hands to hold on to, and you can keep playing with this in the bath when you finish using the bar of soap!
  • Variety of colors available, but I favor blue and white swirls
  • Can be made to order with a heart, round, or oval base in any color/scent

Surprise Soaps $5

  • oval soap with a cute animal eraser inside and a glitter background
  • a great prize for kids who finish a bar of soap (and that takes a while, so it really encourages them to wash!)
  • for ages 3 years and above

Soap bars $4 – $7 per bar, depending on which ones are available

  • various layers and designs available
  • customizable layers, scents, colors, and flowers/toys/shapes inside when you order a whole loaf (42 ounces of soap, or approximately 10 bars)
  • check the most recent blog posts & instagram for which bars are available

Soap for Everybody!

All of my soaps have a vegetable glycerin base. Dried flowers, flower essential oils, color (mostly mica powder, a mineral), tiny toys, exfoliants (more plants!), and moisturizers are added in various combinations to make the soaps pretty and pleasing. Hand made in my home for use in yours.