Unicorns, Mermaids, Dinosaurs, Mochi Squishies, and more Bath Toys!

I’ve been hard at work, making a larger variety of fun soaps for kids, to keep them clean & happy! I have new unicorn, mermaid tail, dinosaur, squishies, and bath toy options, so keep reading…

Unicorn swirl soaps

A pretty swirl of pink, purple, yellow, blue, glitter, and white shea, with or without a fun unicorn bath toy on top. A limited supply of the swirl soaps available, but I have more unicorns to put on top of regular soaps.  $6-$8 each, depending on size and style – just message me on facebook or email me, as usual. Ones shown smell like gardenia.

Mermaid Tail Soaps

Mermaid tails and seashells made of soap (not a toy) standing on top of the clear glitter soap or unicorn swirl soap (left photo), embedded into 4oz soap bars (on the right), and are currently available. 100% soap, no toys here. Can be made to order, if you order at least 2, but is a multi-step process that takes a few days, since pieces need to be made separately and then carefully put together. $8-$10 each (based on size and details).

Mochi Squishies

New popular mini squishie toys for kids can be put into soap. These are small, so not for under age 3 years. So cute. Only $6 for hearts or circles.

Dinosaurs! Roar!IMG_20180408_140753_659.jpg

Dinosaur water squirting bath toys can top any of my basic soaps. Your child gets something to hold onto while using the soap, then a bath toy to keep even when the soap is done. $7 each.

More bath toy toppersPSX_20180408_134805

Lots of squeaky bath toy toppers available, many made to order. Price varies by what soap you put it in, but starts at only $6.

Cellophane and ribbon wrapping for free!

Wrap up soaps in the ribbon colors of your choice (white, red, green, blue, purple, silver, gold) to make party goodie bags or gifts at no extra cost!

Ducky, Flower, Heart, & Toy Soaps

Flower shaped soaps $6


Heart soaps $6



  • Regular leaves shown at the edges, about 2oz each, $2 for 1 or $5 for 3 soaps.
  • Tiny leaves shown in the center are $2 for 4 of them.
  • These make great guest soaps, party favors, and accents


Rubber ducky soaps $7

  • Topped with a mini rubber duck for hands to hold on to, and you can keep playing with this in the bath when you finish using the bar of soap!
  • Variety of colors available, but I favor blue and white swirls
  • Can be made to order with a heart, round, or oval base in any color/scent

Surprise Soaps $5

  • oval soap with a cute animal eraser inside and a glitter background
  • a great prize for kids who finish a bar of soap (and that takes a while, so it really encourages them to wash!)
  • for ages 3 years and above

Soap bars $4 – $7 per bar, depending on which ones are available

  • various layers and designs available
  • customizable layers, scents, colors, and flowers/toys/shapes inside when you order a whole loaf (42 ounces of soap, or approximately 10 bars)
  • check the most recent blog posts & instagram for which bars are available