Bath Salts


Add these salt and flower combinations to your bath to breathe in a wonderful scent & relax.

Note, these are made with real salt, not to be confused with the slang term of the same name. 



Rose Bath Salts

A beautiful combination of Dead Sea salt (from the Middle East!), Himalayan Pink salt, rose essential oil, and dried rose buds and petals from real roses. Comes with a little organza bag, which you can put the salts in, if you don’t want the rose petals floating around your bath. Alternatively, you can use a tea bag to hold the salts, or just pour them directly in a warm bath (pouring directly into the hot stream of water as your bath fills up lets them dissolve fastest). The scent of the rose oil and petals make for a romantic atmosphere, while the salts do their work.



Lavender Bath Salts

This jar uses lavender scented epsom salts for muscle relaxation, combined with Dead Sea salt, lavender essential oil, and real organic French lavender buds. Looks, smells, and feels great.


Eucalyptus & Mint Bath Salts

These bath salts are great for muscle relaxation, as well as breathing in the refreshing scent of eucalyptus & mint when you have a stuffy nose. It combines Eucalyptus and spearmint epsom salts with Dead Sea salts, and a little bit of color to brighten your bath. Each jar has a piece of real dried eucalyptus leaves in the center, still on the branch, so it’s easy to remove from your bath, without needing a bag or filter.

All of the Bath Salts

Packaging choices: an 8 or 16 ounce reusable glass jar (worth $2-4 by themselves), a large 16 oz silver bag (heat sealed), or 3 pre-filled large bath “tea” bags that you can drop directly into the bath.

lavbathsaltJul18 (1)
The 16oz silver bag of Lavender Bath Salts

Tags can be added for decoration and personalized. Messages can be written in calligraphy, with stamps, embossing, and stickers added.

These are beautiful just to display next to your bath, even if you don’t use them directly in the water. Or leave the lid open to add a nice fragrance to the room. Now grab your jar, sprinkle in a warm bath, and enjoy!

Ducky, Flower, Heart, & Toy Soaps

Flower shaped soaps $6


Heart soaps $6



  • Regular leaves shown at the edges, about 2oz each, $2 for 1 or $5 for 3 soaps.
  • Tiny leaves shown in the center are $2 for 4 of them.
  • These make great guest soaps, party favors, and accents


Rubber ducky soaps $7

  • Topped with a mini rubber duck for hands to hold on to, and you can keep playing with this in the bath when you finish using the bar of soap!
  • Variety of colors available, but I favor blue and white swirls
  • Can be made to order with a heart, round, or oval base in any color/scent

Surprise Soaps $5

  • oval soap with a cute animal eraser inside and a glitter background
  • a great prize for kids who finish a bar of soap (and that takes a while, so it really encourages them to wash!)
  • for ages 3 years and above

Soap bars $4 – $7 per bar, depending on which ones are available

  • various layers and designs available
  • customizable layers, scents, colors, and flowers/toys/shapes inside when you order a whole loaf (42 ounces of soap, or approximately 10 bars)
  • check the most recent blog posts & instagram for which bars are available

Soap for Everybody!

All of my soaps have a vegetable glycerin base. Dried flowers, flower essential oils, color (mostly mica powder, a mineral), tiny toys, exfoliants (more plants!), and moisturizers are added in various combinations to make the soaps pretty and pleasing. Hand made in my home for use in yours.